The Gołota vs. Adamek fight watched by 30,000 viewers over the Internet

ATM oftware’s technological platform allowed 30,000 viewers to watch the Gołota vs. Adamek fight on October 24 over the Internet. It is yet another example of the dynamic development and growing popularity of video broadcasts over the Internet.

Thanks to proprietary software developed by the ICT company ATM Software (a member of ATM S.A. Group) and deployed at IPLA.TV, 30,000 viewers were able to watch the Gołota vs. Adamek fight over the Internet. It is yet another sports event broadcasted via the Internet using ATM Software’s proprietary platform. The previous broadcast – the final match of the 2009 European Women’s Volleyball Championship – caught the attention of over 24,000 viewers.

“I am most pleased that Saturday’s broadcast attracted such a large number of viewers. This has not only proven the interest of a group of viewers in Internet TV, but also the reliability and performance of our technological solutions. The dynamically increasing popularity of Internet TV is turning the media landscape upside down and inside out,” said Andrzej Molski, President of the Board, ATM Software. “Nowadays it is particularly interesting to see many people give up on their TV sets in favor of a computer, which does not have to mean that they lose access to multimedia broadcasts. Quite the contrary – it gives them more opportunities, such as interactive services,” adds Andrzej Molski.

ATM Software sp. z o.o. was established on July 1, 2009, following the merger of CBR ATM-Lab sp. z o.o. and ATM S.A.’s Multimedia Product Sales Department. ATM Software is a subsidiary of ATM S.A.

ATM Software’s portfolio includes services and proprietary software, allowing for successful deployments of innovative multimedia investments. The products developed by the company solve problems related to content management, storage and distribution, as well as support processes related to multimedia broadcasts over the Internet.

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